Hair Loss and Natural Remedies

Many people care a great deal about their condition of their hair and some people spend a lot money on shampoos, conditions, treatments in order to help it look its best and to stay in the best condition.  A lot of people would almost do anything to prevent further hair loss or to seek hair re-growth.  There is a product on the market that can help prevent hair loss and stimulate re-growth.  This product is HarVokse.

What is HarVokse?

HarVokse is a dual action hair re-growth solution.  It arrests hair loss, creates new growth and helps build thicker more beautiful hair.  HarVokse has been proven in clinical studies to arrest hair loss and promote re-growth in 90% of test participants.  It works on two levels to tackle all stages of hair loss from the outside in.

How does HarVokse work?

HarVokse is a duel product, being a Protective Treatment Spray and a Hair Regrowth Supplement. 

The spray cleanses the scalp and nourishes the hair so that it is thicker, stronger and has more volume.

The supplement stops hair loss at it source, creates hair regrowth and produces thicker, shinier hair.

What are the ingredients in HarVokse?

The ingredients used in both the protective treatment spray and hair re-growth supplement are all natural and have been shown to yield additional benefits such as an improvement in skin & nail quality.

Both products contain natural essential nutrients, such as:

·         Amino acids
·         Zinc gluconate
·         Extracts of grape skin and grape seeds (antioxidants)
·         Vitamin B-complex
·         Vitamin E
·         Vitamin C
·         Chlorophyll

What are the benefits of HarVokse?

Protective Treatment Spray
• Reduce Inflammation
• Fortify & Protect
• Stimulate Re-growth
• Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Re-growth Supplement
• Reduce Hair Loss
• Thicken & Strengthen
• Nourish & condition
• Substantial Re-growth


HarVokse is made entirely from natural ingredients and therefore only provides positive side effects.  By using the HarVokse two step solution you can be on your way to fuller, thicker hair that is healthy and replenished.  If you are suffering from hair loss or just looking to thicken and strengthen your existing hair the HarVokse is a product that is definitely work a try!

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